Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping

Has a sports injury taken you out of the game? Try Kinesio taping!

Kinesio taping aids in pain relief caused by a variety of injuries. It promotes injury recovery, increases mobility, and improves range of motion. Most importantly, it can assist you in resuming activities that you enjoy!

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How will Kinesio taping in New York, NY benefit me?

For a variety of reasons, Kinesio taping can aid in your recovery! It can, for example, restore function by repairing damaged connections between the skin and the muscles, joints, and tendons beneath it. Kinesio taping can also keep pain receptors from reaching the brain, which is exciting. This results in fewer spasms! As a result, the affected area’s muscles will relax.

Here are some additional advantages:

Scar tissue treatment

Scar tissue can form around the affected area of your body as it heals from an injury. Unfortunately, scar tissue can become so dense that it obstructs brain communication. Scar tissue can be stretched with Kinesio taping, allowing signals to move and, as a result, increasing mobility.

Reduced swelling

Kinesio taping can help reduce swelling caused by surgery, injury, or overuse. It works by lowering the pressure between the skin and the tissues beneath it. As a result, any fluid accumulation can flow freely, and the affected area can move with greater ease.

Joint stabilization

When you have an injury, your body may find it difficult to maintain proper joint positioning. Kinesio tape aids in the stabilization and support of painful joints. They will still be allowed to move within their normal range of motion, however.

Pain relief

Because taping inhibits pain receptors, the brain does not receive pain signals from the affected area. As a result, muscles relax, allowing for greater mobility and faster recovery. You will have a more relaxing treatment experience overall.

What should I expect from Kinesio taping?

Our New York, NY physical therapist will assess your condition and determine whether this treatment option is appropriate for you. If it is, your therapist will apply the tape to any stiff or uncomfortable areas of your body. Your therapist may also include a variety of exercises and techniques in your treatment plan.

Many people have discovered that by using this treatment, they can return to their normal daily routine without pain or stiffness! Make an appointment with Grand Street Wellness Center today if you believe you could benefit from Kinesio taping.

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