Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy: Expert Care for Your Hands

Are you experiencing discomfort, pain, or limited function in your hands? Hand therapy is a specialized field of rehabilitation that can provide a solution. At Grand Street Wellness in Brooklyn, NY, under the expert guidance of Dr. Marc J. Rosenblatt, our hand therapists are dedicated to helping you regain the functionality and comfort you deserve. Hand therapy is a versatile and essential service, addressing a wide range of conditions and concerns related to the hands. Let's dive into the intricacies of hand therapy, its goals, techniques, qualifications, and how it differs from physical therapy.

What is Hand Therapy, and What Conditions Does it Typically Address?

Hand therapy is a specialized area of rehabilitation that focuses on treating conditions and injuries affecting the hands and upper extremities. It combines elements of occupational therapy and physical therapy to address a wide range of issues. Hand therapists are skilled professionals who work diligently to help patients recover from conditions such as:

  • Fractures and Dislocations: Hand therapy plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation of hand fractures and dislocations, helping patients regain strength, mobility, and function.
  • Tendon Injuries: Conditions like tendinitis or tendon ruptures can be effectively managed through hand therapy, with tailored exercises and interventions.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Hand therapists utilize various techniques to alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, including pain, numbness, and weakness in the hand and wrist.
  • Arthritis: Arthritic conditions affecting the hands can significantly impact daily life. Hand therapy provides strategies to manage pain and improve joint mobility.
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation: Whether you've undergone hand surgery due to trauma or a medical condition, hand therapy is essential for a successful recovery. Therapists collaborate with surgical teams to ensure a seamless rehabilitation process.

What Are the Primary Goals of Hand Therapy?

The primary objectives of hand therapy are to:

  • Reduce Pain: Hand therapists employ various pain management techniques to alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall well-being.
  • Restore Function: Whether you're looking to regain fine motor skills, grip strength, or dexterity, hand therapy is designed to help you regain full function in your hands.
  • Improve Mobility: If you're experiencing stiffness or limited range of motion, hand therapists use targeted exercises and stretches to enhance your hand's mobility.

What Qualifications Do Hand Therapists Typically Have?

Hand therapists are highly skilled professionals who hold specialized certifications in hand therapy. They are often either occupational therapists (OTs) or physical therapists (PTs) who have pursued additional training and education in hand therapy. This expertise equips them to provide specialized care for various hand and upper extremity conditions.

How Does Hand Therapy Differ from Physical Therapy?

Hand therapy is a subset of physical therapy that focuses exclusively on the hands and upper extremities. While physical therapy addresses the body as a whole, hand therapy hones in on the specific needs of the hands, wrists, and arms. This specialization allows hand therapists to develop tailored treatment plans and exercises to target hand-related conditions with precision.

What Techniques Are Commonly Used in Hand Therapy Sessions?

Hand therapy sessions may include a variety of techniques, such as:

  • Custom Splinting: Hand therapists may design custom splints to provide support and protection to injured or post-operative hands.
  • Manual Therapy: Hands-on techniques, including massage and joint mobilizations, are used to improve hand function and reduce pain.
  • Therapeutic Exercises: Patients are guided through exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Can Hand Therapy Help Individuals with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Absolutely! Hand therapy is an effective treatment option for individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. Therapists can teach you exercises and techniques to alleviate symptoms, reduce inflammation, and potentially avoid surgery.

What Role Does Hand Therapy Play in Post-Surgery Rehabilitation?

Post-surgery rehabilitation is a critical phase of recovery. Hand therapy plays a pivotal role in post-surgery rehabilitation by ensuring that you regain full function, strength, and mobility in your hands after surgical intervention. Our team at Grand Street Wellness in Brooklyn, NY, is dedicated to supporting you through this essential journey.

If you're in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, or Jersey City and seeking expert hand therapy services, don't hesitate to reach out to us at (718) 750-7680 or (212) 539-0257. Let us help you regain the comfort and function you deserve for a better quality of life. Your hands are in expert hands at Grand Street Wellness.

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