APOS® Therapy

APOS® Therapy

Have you been dealing with knee pain related to osteoarthritis? Are you looking for something safe and effective you can do from home? At Grand Street Wellness Center in New York, NY, our physical therapists can help get your knee feeling better from the comfort of your home!

In the US, it is estimated that over 30 million people are suffering from knee arthritis. Fortunately, physical therapy can do a lot to help the pain and restore any lost function. Too often, the medical community’s solution is medication or surgery.

At Grand Street Wellness Center, we use cutting-edge treatments like AposTherapy® to help our patients find relief, improve their gait and get back to normal functioning!

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What is Apos® Therapy®?

AposTherapy® is a specialized shoe-like device that uses scientific principles to redirect forces and shift pressure away from painful joints. The system was developed by physical therapists to biomechanically address the joint’s function and alleviate pain caused by dysfunction.

Our specially trained therapists calibrate the unit to address your individual needs. This system is worn on foot and causes a mild perturbation to help retrain your muscles around the knees, hips, and lower back.

The treatment program calls for you to wear the AposTherapy® device around the house for about an hour daily. This system has been shown to help the pain, improve gait and restore lost function.

Our Patients Have Experienced Success With Apos Therapy!

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What to expect at physical therapy

At Grand Street Wellness Center, one of our specially trained physical therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify all the possible factors associated with your pain. We will use this information to determine your suitability for the AposTherapy® treatment plan.

If our therapists determine this unit is appropriate for your condition, we will conduct a gait assessment and calibrate the unit for a home exercise program. Every time you return for a re-assessment, our therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation, including a gait analysis, and re-calibrate the unit as needed.

Our therapist will provide explicit instruction on using the AposTherapy® device for just one hour a day to biomechanically address your underlying causes of pain through shifting pressure away from affected areas.

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